When should I “incorporate” my business?

When should I “incorporate” my business? Here I describe 4 instances to guide your decision. *Will correct audio next time, but info’s still valuable to keep in mind Fore more info, go to www.riosmenalaw.com

¿Cuándo debo “incorporarme”?

¿Cuándo debes “incorporar” tu empresa? Hay al menos 4 instancias que debes considerar al contestar esa pregunta. Si estás solo: Tienes que determinar cuál es el nivel de riesgo y exposición que tienes. Ahora, no importa el producto, a la vez que haya más de una persona envuelta, entonces inmediatamente debes crear esa entidad legal […]

¿Debo contratar a un abogado para x, y o z?

¿Realmente es necesario contratar a un abogado para…redactar un contrato? Redactar políticas de privacidad? Enviar una carta? Como todo en la vida, DEPENDE ¿Pero de qué depende? Primero vamos a dejar una cosa establecida. Los documentos y contratos que usa un negocio son importantísimos. Es lógico que un fundador prefiera vender y desarrollar su producto, […]

Startup Visas: An Overview of the E-2 Visa

The E2 Visa could be an option for investors and entrepreneurs to live in the United States, start a US business, and work for that business. It allows a national of a treaty country (a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation) to be admitted to the United States when […]

Business Legal-Health Check

Starting and running a business is hectic, and owners usually prefer executing and selling instead of covering legal issues that are every bit as important. I’ve developed a “Business Legal Health Checklist” for owners to have a better idea of where they are at from a legal perspective and what they should be focusing on. […]

10 Legal Steps for Your Business to Start Out in the Right Foot

When you’re starting a business, doing things right from the get-go is essential. This is a list of some of the most important legal issues that founders should know about in the process of forming their company. Make sure the corporation’s name is available in the Department of State, and preferably as a trademark and […]