An Economy Built on Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship- Forward

My first blogpost in the Puerto Rico Science Technology & Research Trust’s new blog: “An economy built on science, technology, and entrepreneurship”.

An economy built on science, technology, and entrepreneurship

By: Iván Ríos-Mena

An economy is built on science, technology,  and entrepreneurship. That has definitely been the case in today’s top economy, like the US and other countries throughout history. During the last few years, the Trust has worked a lot on bolstering Puerto Rico’s research infrastructure. Researchers, who generate the ideas that serve as foundations for new businesses that solve the people’s problems, now have more funding available through our Research Grants Program. They’re also creating new collisions in our Research and Innovation Meetups, which are providing a great platform for them to meet and work with their colleagues from other institutions.

But ideas need much more to complete their journeys from the lab or the computer to the market. Specifically, those innovators and their ideas need to interact with entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs are able to put ideas from research into practice, and thus make them accessible for individuals and society in general. They also create wealth and jobs, necessary for an improved standard of living. The Trust exists precisely to facilitate that, and to provide the resources to make stuff happen. That’s why we, in our mission to “continually advance Puerto Rico’s economy…through innovation-driven enterprises”, have also focused so much energy on initiatives that help entrepreneurs commercialize their ideas.

In the last 3 ½ years, we’ve organized or sponsored most of the projects or events geared to building entrepreneurship skills and opportunities in Puerto Rico. More than 15,000 people have participated in entrepreneurship and networking initiatives led or backed by the Trust, and more than $1.4 million invested in entrepreneurship training initiatives. Initiatives like the iCorps, the Tech Summit that provide space for future entrepreneurs to learn, interact, and develop ideas into something concrete. Initiatives that work towards our mission, towards advancing Puerto Rico’s economy. We are constantly working towards new opportunities, visit our website to learn more and participate in our activities.

I would like to single one of our initiatives out, though.

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